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Best 6 NFT Games On Android & iOS Mobile

Published on 08 Nov 2021 / In NFT

Mobile gaming is HUGE and its no secret why; accessibility. It’s so easy to play these games on the go and every has a smart phone these days.

Playing NFT Mobile games that allow you to play and earn money are gaining popularity. Why play regular games when you can earn real money in NFT crypto games?

These are my top 6 NFT mobile games that you can actually play right now and earn!

00:00:00:00 Intro
00:00:27:14 Setup
00:01:13:09 Breakdown
00:01:28:00 Website
00:02:03:15 Plants Vs Undead
00:04:05:29 MIR4
00:05:53:22 Forest Knight
00:07:39:18 Slinterlands
00:10:02:29 Binemon
00:11:02:11 AXIE Infinity
00:12:14:03 Wrap Up

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